Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Jane

This is kinda how I felt when I woke up this morning...
Just one of those lazy, lazy Sundays :)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blogiversary Adventures: Our Baby Blog Turned 2!

Early this month Sarah and I celebrated our second year blogiversary!
S & O Productions turned two years old on June 1'st and thanks to Andrewski we managed to have a nice blog birthday party :)

{yep that's our awesome-possum chauffeur}

The original plan was to go eat ice cream and stuff ourselves with sweeties and candies...but by the time we got to our destination (Cold Stone Creamery) we were starving for food!

So we toddled along to Johnny Rockets and had a deeeeeelicious hamburger with crunchy french fries and onion rings!

{Yes, that hamburger is cut into two pieces because Sarah & I are too much of weak-sauces to handle burgers of our very own}

The waiter was really cool he drew faces for us out of ketchup -- totally neat right?! Not to mention he informed us of the "endless fries" perk they have going on at Johnny's :D

{He made three faces because he didn't want us to fight over who got the awesome ketchup doodles}

As you might be able to tell, it was a hoot and a half :)
Maybe Sarah and I weren't able to finish all of our ice cream after all those never ending french fries and onion rings, and maybe we didn't succeed at stealing Andrew's YUMMY coffee moca milk shake while he looked the other way...but it was still a blast!
Thanks for coming along with us Cuz-cuz!

Here's looking forward to many more happy blogiversaries!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

For the Music Lover: Sarah McLachlan - Angel

Mother's Day

Matthew treated us all to one of his newly found Indian restaurants for Mother's day, and it was a blast :)

We ate tikka masala (say it with me...tika-ma-sala), ginger chicken, lamb pasandar, lamb biryani, garlic naan and some funky little cracker type bread and tasty dips.
Mom got a free henna tattoo for being a mother it looked pretty swell...still hasn't washed off (should she start to worry?).

And then we went to see the movie THOR <--- Awesome movie!

Bet your mother's day wasn't as fun as ours :D

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