Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh dear!

The winter semester is starting to get extremely hectic...this last test that I took today has me a little worried -- gulp!
I counted all the questions that I absolutely didn't understand, included a few I was unsure about, and then calculated what my total grade would be and the answer wasn't very pretty :( boo hoo!
It's a B or less if I calculated correctly.

Normally getting a B on a test wouldn't be such a bad thing because professors always drop the lowest grade but in the winter semester where you take 6 tests and the tests are worth 54% of your grade a B on a test can make or break your GPA.

On brighter news though, I did get an A on my first test so that's good :)
I just need to make sure that for the rest of the semester (4 weeks) I continue to push, and push, and push for those A's.

I knew there were a couple of things I wasn't completely sure about going into that test but there just wasn't enough time to study them with all the home work our teacher gave out.

So I have some delightful news aside from all the Winter Semester drama...

This Summer I plan on doing an engineering internship for undergraduate students at Cal State LA! Woo hoo! I'm totally excited!! I'm finally going to get to see a little bit of what Engineer students do after they graduate :D

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing but I will certainly keep you updated on the going-ons and how it all turns out...

In the meanwhile I am going to enjoy a nice little break and then get back to homework...

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