Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camera wanted!

Just when I'd begun to truly enjoy my old low quality camcorder, and just adventured into playing with it's different settings and manual mode it died. It was old after all, 6yrs old (that's 200 in technology years :), and it had lived a good long life. I suppose it was just time for me to move on.

Which leads me to spending my weekend researching the web thoroughly for a good replacement cam. My how things have changed since 2005! Cameras have not only advanced technologically but now you need to learn an encrypted code of Geekie gibberish to understand them.

Since I've never really shopped for a camera before, this is a new experience and it's kinda exciting. I never understood how people (mother) could get addicted to researching electronics. But once you start you can't STOP!

I'm looking forward to the moment when all this researching pays off and I'm sitting in the living room with a pair of scissors in hand cutting open the box to find my own little Canon baby tucked in bubble wrap.

And then my adventure into the manipulation of the manual setting and exposure begins and a beautifully filmed cinema follows...*oh sigh*


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