Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Human Powered Vehicle

I need to get in shape and fast.
I need to grow some serious thigh muscle and I have less than two weeks to do it.

The Human Powered Vehicle Competition is coming up on the 23'rd of this month and if everything goes as planned I might end up being one of the female riders (Yay! And GULP!).

The bike is really awesome, Matthew, myself and even Andrew and Amie along with other fellow college students have been building it from scratch for a while now.
The club members planned out how to build the frame, welded it, tested it, built the seat so that it could be adjustable for different sized riders, worked on the roll cage, designed the fairing and much, much more.

The bike just needs a few finishing touches but it's sturdy and ride-able. I really think our college has a shot of placing somewhere in the competition but even if we don't I know the the event is going to be amazing!

Here's a video of a human powered vehicle via Youtube just so you can get an idea of what these hpv's look like:

I'm very excited and nervous for this competition fingers crossed I can get in decent bike riders shape and that everything works out and our college gets first place *grin-grin*

I'll keep you posted :)


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