Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smiling =D

Over this weekend while at work, one of my repeat-costumers commented that every time he sees me, I am smiling. “He’s young, that’s why he can smile, he doesn’t have major responsibilities to worry about.” my co-worker chimed in; “He doesn’t have a care in the world!” My costumer chuckled “I wish I were young again”. I replied that I do have responsibilities, and that I have many “cares in the world”, it’s just that I choose to handle them differently than most people.

My parents are huge fanatics when it comes to thinking positively and keeping your brain sharp, so I’ve developed a positive outlook on life which gives me a better chance at handling stressful situations.

Positive attitude = faster bounce back from adversities = happier and less stressful life :)

I think optimism is more important than learning Calculus or Physics, ‘cause guess what… you’re going to have many frustrating situations in school / life and maintaining your cool instead of tossing your book is the key.

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