Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Human Powered Vehicle Event

Remember when I was telling you all about the Human Powered Vehicle club I joined at college? And how we, the club, were building this bike to take out to Northridge Cal State to compete against several other Universities?

Of course you remember! You've been sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting for more info ever since I wet your appetite about the whole thing :)

Yes well now I have actual proof...see I wasn't just making everything up, I have cinematic evidence to back up my claims about our Human Powered Vehicle!

Anyway here is a video one of my team mates put together you might not be able to tell, but both Matthew and I appear in this video a few times.
I'm riding the bike for the most part and Matthew is running around making "repairs" on the bike...


This event was a lot of fun, there were so many fancy bike designs out there and everyone was just great, helping each other out and cheering all the teams on even though we were competing -- it was just a great experience I really enjoyed being part of it not to mention our team did an awesome job! :)

Photographic proof of the above mentioned events coming soon, so stay tuned...


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