Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bike Riding to the Beach

We went biking this past weekend to the beach.
Matt, Sarah, Dad and myself rode it 27 point something miles out to the ocean in just under 2 point something hours (and didn't we feel accomplished :)

It was a fun ride, very long and at one point (the end) I felt like taking a little snooze, biking is hard work ya know! :)

Once we got to the beach we took a celebratory rest and enjoyed the water, well kinda, it was soooooo cold I could barely stick my feet in it...

Getting back home was not as fun as getting to the beach, the sis, and I decided we wanted to take the train home and dad (grumbling all the way, hahaha, he wanted to ride back) was forced to accompany us.
The train took so long that Matthew got home before us and he was on bike!

So far this has been the longest bike ride I've ever done and it felt pretty good, next time I'm going to try and make it both ways like Mr. San Diego (aka Matt).

I'm looking forward to our next family bike ride when we break our record of over 25 miles and next time I'll bring my camera so I can take lots of pictures...

Till then, have a good night!


p.s. I think we should get this poster to put up in our house now that we're all starting to become serious bike fanatics :)

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