Friday, July 2, 2010

How It's made

I was researching some ice cream recipes and waffle cone recipes -- as I plan on getting a waffle cone maker to go along side my baby ice cream maker ^_^ -- when I came across these two videos on Youtube which I thought were interesting...
They describe how ice cream and waffle cones are made on an industrial level. It is quite fascinating to see everything they use to make these popular summer goodies look pretty and edible.

If you don't think about how unhealthy and gross the ice cream is after all those additives have gone in, the process is something to truly marvel at...

yum, yum, this picture is delicious!

The waffle cone maker I want to get looks something like this...isn't it cute!!!

Anyway so here is video number 2: How ice cream cones are made...

I'm very glad I got my ice cream maker, not only is the ice cream I make healthier and tastier than store bought ice cream it doesn't leave you with a heavy bloated feeling which probably comes from all those funky preservatives and artificial sweeteners...

I know I'll be just as happy too when I get my waffle cone maker and can start making healthy, tasty, delicious waffle cones, hint-hint, wink-wink :)

Anyway hope you enjoyed these videos!


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