Thursday, August 19, 2010


My summer math class is finally over which is a great big relief! I don't think I'll try to juggle two sports and one demanding math class in a semester as short and hectic as this past summer one was, ever again in my life!

I've had more than my full share of mental and physical workouts these past few months trying to crunch loads of new information into my brain and still attend and muster up the energy for two different practices a day...

I am so HAPPY it's over -- I'm freeeeeeeeee again :)

I'm ready to start enjoying my summer now (hahhaa) too bad it's almost over.

Here are a few things I intend on doing before I kiss this wonderfully hot weather goodbye:

1. See the movie 'Inception' -- ok so everyone in my family has seen this movie now except for me :( pouty-pout!

2. Hit the beaches again!!! WOOOOhooooo! I could so use a nice vacay to the beach :)

3. Finish my quilt...yep, yep, I'm the crazy who started making a quilt in the middle of summer :)

4. Do yoga and pilates in the mornings, ya know to help relieve some stress :]

5. Go on another 27 mile bike ride -- ho, ho, ho :)

6. And just relax...

I hope you're all taking the time to Stop with all the work, boring, tedious, insignificant nonsense and really start enjoying your summer! Do something FUN before the time gets away from you -- and believe you me, it will!


p.s. I can't believe my first Volleyball game is just around the corner -- that was fast! Wish me luck ^_^ I'm so ready for it :)

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