Sunday, January 17, 2010

On The Metro
After a few years of construction and traffic congestion, the new extension of the Metro Gold line running into my community has been completed. At first I didn't see the point in having a rail from Union Station to my side of town, but I am happy to have it now. It cuts about 7 minutes out of my daily commute to work and go sighting seeing. For example, yesterday I went to see the historic Union Station. Its a lot more spacious then what I imagined or have seen in the movies. Out side the architecture of the venerable edifice is a mixture of mission revival and streamline modern, which was popular at the time of construction in the 1930s.

I also visited the Cathedral of our lady of the Angels which is amazing!

The cathedral center features a series of obtuse and acute angles, there are no right angles on this building. There are a few statues and appointments; notably the huge (and I mean huge!) bronze doors and bronze statue of the Virgin Mary above the doors welcoming visitors. It is really awe struck when I went inside. The first thing I noticed was how quite it was inside despite being in the middle of downtown traffic noise, the inside is sound proof. I made my way past statues and paintings of different biblical scenes into the nave (which is the Latin word for ship, a cathedral is symbolically a ship carrying God's people through the storms of life).
The nave can seat 3,000 people. the ceiling is twelve stories up, off to a far corner reaching to the ceiling is an Organ with some of the pipes easily twice my size.
What I really like about Our lady of Angels is that you can hear your thoughts as loud as if some one were reading them to you, I was really able to think and straighten some clutter that is in my mind. Anyway back outside I went to see the garden which features stone animals and a walk way that is a stone snake. That tickled me a little as I walked around remembering That God had told Eve she was to have kids and that these kids would walk on and crush the snake, that part came true yesterday =).

I ended up at the end of the line in Pasadena later on, I walked around to a Starbucks then headed back home.
If you live in Los Anglese or plan on visiting, I highly suggest that you check out these historic landmarks, I really enjoyed just walking around exploring and I am sure that you will too!

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