Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Break

It's Easter break for us college goers here at the house and boy am I enjoying it :)

I feel like a bum not having to do any homework or attend's nice, Sarah and I already have plans of snagging our friend Amie and maybe even her adorable little sister Delaine for a movie Marathon of our favorite nerdy trilogies :)

Amie wants to introduce us to Star Wars, Sarah and I have never really taken the time to watch those movies. Then we are going to finish watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy...

Picture lots of junk food, lots of popcorn,

sizzling Frodo Baggins with his irresistibly woeful eyebrows,

delicious Legolas,

studdly Aragorn,

...and yeah you can pretty much image how the rest of Easter break is going to be...a whole lot of FUN ^_^


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