Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Semester Same Professors

Hola amigos!

Its a beautiful day out. I am in my drafting class wishing I was out in the sun and wind. I know it has been a while since my last post and please forgive me for not checking in. I will try and keep you all posted on how everything is going. First off school had started off a bit slow, kind of like last semester, a lot of confusion on
the instructors part. A week into the new semester and we had a five day weekend, and people still trying to add into classes. For an example in my drafting class their are more than fifty students, the norm is about twenty-five or thirty. The instructor is really cool he stresses that we should take our time on our drawings so they look neat. compared to my other classes this one is my relaxation class. I just put on my Spanish guitar music and draw.

My trigonometry teacher is a hoot! he leaves a lot of decisions as to when quizzes and home work should be turned in up to the students. A few of the people in my trigonometry class find his antics annoying and unprofessional, but then again they aren't passing the class. And for the record I think he is a good teacher. He just has an unorthodox way of presenting the material.

Well amigos it is time to finish my drawings. Enjoy the beautiful day!


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