Monday, March 29, 2010

On An Island with Fine Hamburgers and Drinks

I went out with some friends from school this past Saturday night, to a restaurant called “Islands” it is located in West Covina in a mall area dedicated to restaurants. It is a really cool place, full of colorful lights and buildings, people and cars.

Islands has a very relaxing atmosphere, the chairs are high backed polished planks of wood that give the feeling of a booth seat. The table is a polished down surf board and the lights are dim and hang low from the ceiling. Colorful wooden birds and tropical island animals adorn the ceiling and swing from the rafters and stove pipes--which are disguised as tree trunks.

What I really liked about Islands besides the Beach Boy music and tropical jungle setting is their menu. They specialize in burgers but they do have soft tacos and tortilla wraps. I wouldn't be able to tell you if the beverages are any good, because I am not yet twenty-one, but I must say they have the best strawberry lemonade I have ever tried. I find that strawberry lemonade is either very sweet or too diluted, but it seems these folks have it down to a lemon. They have free refills which is great, but what really ranks this place higher then your normal hamburger joint is their endless fries. Yes, you fried potato lovers not only are there free refills on the drinks, they have an endless supply train of french fries coming your way till you yell stop! I went up a notch in the old belt after dinner but I say it was worth it.

The waiters and waitresses are fantastic. The waitress we had was very polite and was cracking jokes with the rest of us making the visit more like going to a friend's house than a restaurant.

I highly recommend Islands to anyone, whether you want to go out on a date or just take the family out (Hint hint! Dad) the service is fast, the food is great, and so are the people that work there.


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Starigazers said...

Cool, I'll check it out.

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