Saturday, March 20, 2010

Take A Hike... (click on images to enlarge).

Last week we hiked up the trails in Griffith Park, near the Observatory, and snapped a few photos to share.

Here Angela and the girls flank the Hollywood sign.

From the Observatory to this point it's just over a mile and a quarter.

Sometimes our shadows dominate... Let them have their moment.

Here we have the beautiful skyline of Los Angeles in the background, seen through the hazy light of the morning sun. The temperature was a little cool (mid-fifties) at the time. The girls left their sweaters in the car, thinking they were going to warm up by jogging up the hill. Olivia ran. Sarah borrowed my sweater (surprisingly--wink, wink--she didn't feel like running... :-)

Until next time...


1 comment:

S and O said...

I felt like running, I just didn't want to leave you all in the dust!

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