Monday, March 1, 2010

Words to Live by...Fenelon

I sympathize with you in all your heartaches. But I know you understand that we must carry the cross with Christ during this fleeting life. Soon time will give way to eternity and our suffering will be over. Soon God will wipe away our tears with His own hand, and pain and sighing will forever flee away, and we shall reign with Christ. But while this fleeting moment of trial with Christ is permitted us , let us not lose sight of the glory quietly and humbly. It is self which is always exaggerating our troubles and making us think that they are bigger than they are. But pay no attention to the complaints of self. A cross carried in simplicity, without the interference of self adding to the weight of it, is not really so bad. If we suffer for Jesus because we love Him, we are not only happy in spite of the cross, but because of it. For love rejoices at the privilege of suffering for the Well-beloved, and the cross which forms us into His image is a comforting bond of love.

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