Monday, June 21, 2010

Over the sprinklers and through the hills


Hope all is well. As for myself things have been pretty smooth. I joined the cross country team at my college and have been having the time of my life running about a 5k a day.

At first I was finishing a 5k in about 35-40 minutes; slowly but surely, my pace has been improving as has my breathing so I'm now completing 5ks in about 26 minutes! I'm totally stoked!

The team is solid--there's a nice variety of runners. There are a few of the guys who run a 6 pace (6 minutes a mile pace) so they're about 2 minutes faster than myself, but I'll demolish that lead soon.

One thing I figured out fast is that running takes a toll on your body especially my knees. In fact just today I was running down hill trying to catch a few show offs, when one of my friends jumped in front of me forcing me off the side walk and into a hole housing a sprinkler. I twisted my knee or some ligament. It feels fine now but the true test will be at tomorrow's practice.



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