Friday, June 18, 2010

Prioritizing and Mind Mapping

Hey Peeps!

In an effort to help our family get focused and stay on target with our goals and priorities, Ruben asked me to create a printed replica of Stephen Covey's Quadrant Diagram that is a central part of his "First Things First", to hand out in our next family meeting.

While Googling for an image, I found a couple which I combined in a handout of sorts, but I also
found a blog on Mind Mapping...which lead me to these interesting videos on the subject:

This first one is a tidbit on the creator of Mind Mapping

This second one is a brief description on how to create a mind map.

As a person who REALLY needs help in the 'organize-my-overstuffed-with-stuff-life', I plan on studying this concept further and putting it use.

Here are the links to the pages that I used to make the handout:
The Mind Map Blog
An page from the old version of the above blog
A Wikipedia page on "First Things First"

I'll update y'all later...


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