Friday, February 26, 2010

Bike wanted :)

I'm in the market for a new bike...

But I don't want to settle for just any bike. I want it to be exactly what I'm looking for, something I'll enjoy so that I don't end up wanting to return it five months after purchasing it...

So obviously, it's going to have to fulfill certain requirements and standards.

First of all and most importantly it has to have drop handle bars. I don't care if it's an ugly scrawny bike with drop handle bars so long as it isn't a commuters bike with regular handles bars.

(regular handle bars like this)

I don't like to sit up for very long on a bicycle, I feel more comfortable on a bike and that I can move faster when I'm leaning forward. Plus it's always easier to ride the streets knowing I can squeeze my bike through tight crevices like in between cars and buses without being held back by wide handlebars.

Next my bike must be light, it must be a rode bike. I DO NOT want a mountain bike. We had one of those and it is just not a fun bike to ride, up a hill with a backpack or even on the flats.

One of my last requirements is that it has to be within my budget. I don't have a job yet so my money is a none regrow-able entity.

Right now I'm looking at these bikes as possible candidates...

I'm going to try and snag the parents this weekend and see if I can't get them to give me a lift to the bike shop :)

Fingers crossed I'll have a new bike before the month is over... ^_^

Woo hoo!



Starigazers said...

Yeah, keep your fingers crossed...maybe this year is more like it!

Dad :p

S and O said...

don't be a meanie!!!! pout pout :(

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