Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Dreaming...runs in the family! (click on image to enlarge).

One of my girls wants a bike. I'm not telling which one, you have to guess who it is. Let me give you a hint though...she sometimes posts on this blog. :p Now, I have wants too: I'd like to visit Puerto Rico during the Carnivals; and tend to my garden; and cruise around an island in a small boat; and camp out in the mountains in a small cottage for a week or so; and play a few rounds of golf; and listen to el coquí singing his tune; and stare at the moon by the ocean; and gaze at a beautiful sunset from my beach chair perched under a coconut palm. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I would love to find a friendly little spot to play a few hands of poker with a few pals (the kind of pals who love the game more than the money).

Who knows? Maybe if a wish really hard my dreams will come true before the month is over too..? Happy February 28 to you too my dear!


Ps. Is this a Leap Year? ;-)

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S and O said...

Not cool! Not cool at all! HUMPHF!


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