Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cardio Aerobic Kickboxing

So I joined this cardio aerobic kickboxing class with Amie and Matthew at the college.
I figured I'd throw something fun into my school schedule and after going to the first day of class I'm really glad I did :)

The teacher has a funny sense of humor and I'm sure she's going to make the class a whole lot of fun.

We will be doing some jump roping...

Some serious aerobic kick boxing with punching bags and kicking pads...

Throw in some push ups and sit ups here and there...
And then lastly to cool down we will be doing some core workouts with Pilates and yoga...

I'm especially looking forward to getting back into yoga and all that relaxation that comes with it. I also miss being insanely flexible :D

In short, it's going to be one packed workout and I can't wait to get started I'm looking forward to getting fit(er) ^_^


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