Thursday, February 18, 2010


In all my long years of writing I've been having some trouble with the romance aspect of my stories. Lets just say I'm a bit of a traditional hopeless romantic when it comes to these things but I'm not very good at writing that way, yet!

I don't understand the romance in young adult books these days. To me it seems more like a mindless and slightly tiring, hormonal obsession than a well plotted with the ups and downs of anticipation, disappointment and ultimate triumphant.
Since I want my romantic stories to be believable, enjoyable and fill you with renewed hope in undying love, reading modern romances isn't going to help.

Not for the first time my Mother and my Grandmother suggested that I read some old literature to get a feel for traditional romance and also to better my writing style. And for the first time I takes awhile for things to get through to me, you see.

So I've composed a book list for myself of intriguing and subtly romantic, slightly slow books,
taking it one author at a time; this month it's Oscar Wilde.

Here's the line up.

The Picture of Dorian Gray
The fairy tales of Oscar Wilde
Lord Arthur Savile's crime
The Canterville ghost
The Sphinx without a Secret
The Model Millionaire
An Ideal Husband

I wasn't planing on reading any plays this month. I was planning to save the plays for their own special 'play month' but I recently saw the movie "An Ideal Husband" and I just couldn't resist picking the book up at the library.

Happy reading

Sarah :D

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