Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reading from: Emanuel Swedenborg's Divine Providence

All men were predestined to heaven, and no one to hell, for all are born men, and in consequence the image of God is in them. The image of God in them is the ability to understand truth and to do good. The ability to understand truth is from the Divine wisdom, and the ability to do good...from the Divine love. This ability is the image of God, which remains in every sane man. ...From this comes his ability to become a civil and moral man. The civil and moral man can also become spiritual, for the civil and moral is a receptacle of the spiritual. He is called a civil man who knows the laws of the kingdom wherein he is a citizen and lives according to them. And he is called a moral man who makes these laws his moral laws and his virtues, and from reason lives them. ...Live these laws, not only as civil and moral laws, but also as Divine laws, and you will be a spiritual man. (DP 322)

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